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Yonex VCore 98+ (2021)

Experienced players looking for a spin-friendly racquet with outstanding feel should love this update to the Yonex VCORE 98+. In addition to providing more control than the VCORE 100, this frame has slightly more mass, resulting in greater stability when plowing through the ball. For 2021 Yonex re-engineers the beam, giving it a thicker cross-section in the head for added power and stability. Yonex has also widened the upper portion of the hitting area, making for a more spin-friendly and responsive contact zone. New technologies include Flex Force, which utilizes a uniquely flexible graphite (NAMD-2) to help the racquet bend optimally at impact. Yonex has also redesigned the grommet system with String Sync, which utilizes funnel shaped inserts to help the strings snap back more powerfully during impact (think spin). Additional technologies include a Vibration Dampening Mesh in the handle for added comfort, along with a couple aerodynamic features that reduce wind drag and increase racquet speed. With some impressive updates to the beam construction and feel, the Yonex VCORE 98+ keeps getting better. Experienced players looking for the total package should start here.

The Yonex VCore 98+ has an extended length of 27.5 inches

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